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The general manager as the vice president of the CAW Association and the in-depth communication between the VIA and JAVA


In this busy world, we are dealing with various vehicles every day, and the quality of vehicle accessories directly affects our driving safety. As an important part of the vehicle, the importance of the unified quality and standards of aluminum wheels is self -evident. In this context, Tim Huang, vice chairman of the China CAW Aluminum Wheel Quality Association, conducted in -depth exchanges with the Japan Light Alloy Wheel Association (VIA) and Jawa to discuss the unity of the quality and standards of aluminum alloy wheels.

In this exchange, Tim Huang first introduced the efforts and achievements of the China CAW Aluminum Wheel Quality Association in the aluminum alloy car wheel quality. He emphasized the importance of unity of quality standards, and pointed out that this not only helps to improve the overall level of the industry, but also enhances consumers' trust in the brand. At the same time, he also expressed his appreciation of VIA and JAWA's efforts in the standard of aluminum alloy wheels.

VIA and Jawa represent the experience and methods of their associations in the standard formulation of aluminum alloy wheels. They emphasized the importance of quality standards and pointed out that this is a long and complex process, which requires the joint efforts and continuous investment of all parties. At the same time, they also expressed their support and willingness to support and cooperate with the China CAW Aluminum Wheel Quality Association.

In the exchange with Jawa, we discussed the problems of material selection, manufacturing process, and quality control of aluminum alloy wheels. JAWA represents their experience and views and expressed their willingness to cooperate with China and Japan to promote the unity of the quality and standards of aluminum alloy car wheels.

Through this in -depth exchanges, we have reached the following consensus: First of all, we need to strengthen the formulation and implementation of quality standards to ensure that the quality and performance of the aluminum alloy wheels meet international standards; second, we need to strengthen cooperation and exchanges to jointly promote aluminum alloy alloys together The healthy development of the wheel industry; in the end, we need to listen to consumers' voices and continuously improve and innovate to meet the needs and expectations of consumers.

Through this exchange, we not only deepened the unified understanding of the quality and standard of the aluminum alloy car wheel, but also laid a solid foundation for future cooperation. I believe that with the joint efforts of both parties, the aluminum alloy wheel industry will usher in a better future.

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