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Warmly celebrate Shanghai Jihoo designers won the third place in the Wheel design competition


Warmly celebrated Shanghai Jihoo's designer won the third place in the Eleventh Wheel Design Contest of the 2023 "Kyushu Cup"! This is an affirmation of our professional ability and innovation spirit, and it is also an important promotion of the automotive design industry.


With his outstanding design talent and unique design concept, Shanghai Jihoo successfully conquered the judges and audiences and became a dark horse in this competition. Our works have shown extremely high artistic and practicality, which not only won the high evaluation of the judges, but also was warmly welcomed by the audience.


The professionalism and unremitting efforts of the Shanghai Jihoo Design Team made us stand out in this fiercely competitive design competition. From a unique perspective and innovative thinking, we successfully combined car design concepts with market demand, and created many amazing works.


This award is not only an affirmation of the Shanghai Jihoo Design Team, but also a promotion of the entire automotive design industry. It will inspire more designers and teams into the field of automotive design, continuously innovate and enterprising, and promote the development of the automotive design industry.


In the future, Shanghai Jihoo Design will continue to adhere to the spirit of professionalism, innovation and enterprising, and contribute more outstanding works to the automotive design industry. We look forward to our better results in future competitions and make greater contributions to the development of the automotive design industry. Let us warmly celebrate the honor of Shanghai Jin and Design!


This award not only proves the strength of Shanghai Jin and Design, but also reflects our unique insights and innovative thinking on car design. This is a company that has profound professional knowledge and rich experience in the field of automotive design. Our success proves that innovation and excellent design can bring huge business value to the company.


In the future, Shanghai Jihoo will continue to lead the development of the automotive design industry with its outstanding design ability and unremitting efforts to create more influential works. Our achievements in this field will undoubtedly set an example for the entire industry and inspire more people to invest in this challenging and opportunity.


In general, the award of Shanghai Jihoo's design in the 11th wheel design contest of the "Kyushu Cup" is the highest praise for our professional ability and innovative spirit.

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