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We have been committed to building high-strength, lightweight aluminum alloy wheels. So far, with more than 2,000 designs aluminum alloy wheels, we can cater most of customers needs. Also the monthly inventory is about 100,000 pieces providing convenient order and quick delivery. You are welcome to contact us!




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Category: motor oil
KR9-T 0W-20 C5 (fully synthetic high-performance engine oil)
Quality level: C5
Viscosity level: 0W-20
Product selling point
New European cars with exhaust gas after-treatment devices (TWC, DPF/GPF) are preferred;
Advanced energy-saving technology, providing fuel economy 16% higher than the standard limit*, saving money, time and environmental protection;
Abrasion resistance above 70% of the standard limit**, protecting the engine in all directions;
Excellent fluidity, improve engine power response capability.
* ACEA C5 performance test M111 test
** ACEA C5 performance test 0M646LA test

We are engaged in the production and independent import and export of aluminum alloy wheel in china, with more than 2,0000 models of aluminum alloy wheels, about 100,000 inventories, and fast delivery. We provide custom wheels and generation production services, you can provide us with a wheel style map, our designers will design you a beautiful and high quality wheel, welcome to contact us!
If you don't find the wheel style you need, you can send an email to jihoowheels@jihoosh.com and we will send you the wheel style you need according to your description!