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D12 (long-life diesel engine oil)
Viscosity level: 10W-40
Scope of application:
It is suitable for the lubrication of high-speed heavy-duty diesel engines of National V and National IV;
For heavy-duty vehicles equipped with long-term filters and non-EGR and DPF post-processing technologies, oil can be changed for 120,000 kilometers;
Not recommended for commercial vehicles, buses, stationary engines, mining vehicles and dump trucks with EGR and DPF post-processing technology;
Not recommended for old vehicles over 500,000 kilometers.
Technical Support:
Synthetic technology to give oils excellent high and low temperature fluidity; long-term anti-oxidation, high-temperature cleaning and anti-wear triple protection, effectively inhibit the formation of sludge and carbon deposits, and extend the service life of engines and lubricants; covering mainstream commercial models, cumulative 40 million kilometers of road driving test verification to ensure the reliable operation of oil products; with MTF18 long-life manual transmission oil and GL-5 long-life heavy-duty vehicle gear oil, the effect is better.

This oil product can be used interchangeably with API CI-4 grade oil products of the same viscosity grade from domestic and foreign oil companies, but it is not recommended to use it in blending. It cannot be mixed with other oils. When refueling, the same oil must be added; the engine oil circuit should be carefully cleaned before use to prevent pollution; it is best to use it with low sulfur diesel (diesel sulfur content less than 10ug/g). The actual sulfur content of diesel oil is higher than 10ug/g, it is recommended to shorten the oil change interval.

Tips: Long-life diesel engine oil is better when used with long-term oil filter.

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