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GL-5 (Long-life heavy-duty vehicle gear oil)
Viscosity level: 85W-90, 85W-140
Scope of application:
It is suitable for the drive axle drive system of commercial vehicles, especially for the hyperbolic gear drive axle, especially the lubrication of the high-bias hyperbolic gear drive axle. It is recommended to be used in the application field that meets the API GL-5 specification.

Technical Support:
Using the proprietary formula technology of the National Invention Award to provide strong and lasting power for heavy-duty vehicles;
Approved by experts from China FAW, Dongfeng, Jinan Heavy Duty Truck, Beiqi Foton, Chongqing Hongyan, Northern Benz, etc.
Passed the long-distance road test of China FAW and Dongfeng;
Product execution standards are stricter than GL-5 product execution standards.

. Newly added sealing material to strengthen protection to ensure that the drive axle is sealed without oil leakage.
. Newly added extreme pressure anti-wear reinforced protection to ensure that gears do not beat, glue or peel under heavy load conditions
. Added OEM high temperature resistance enhanced protection to maximize oil change mileage

  We are engaged in the production and independent import and export of aluminum alloy wheel in china, with more than 2,0000 models of aluminum alloy wheels, about 100,000 inventories, and fast delivery. We provide custom wheels and generation production services, you can provide us with a wheel style map, our designers will design you a beautiful and high quality wheel, welcome to contact us!
  If you don't find the wheel style you need, you can send an email to jihoowheels@jihoosh.com and we will send you the wheel style you need according to your description!

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